Television bloopers continue to work viewer’s funny bones

Ever take a peek at the television show America’s Funniest Home Videos? Millions of viewers have tuned into their televisions or logged onto their computers to view the mega-popular blooper show.
The world continues to be fascinated with what’s funny in other people’s lives, and computers continue to lead the way in viewing ease and accessibility.
Television news anchors are often the center of these bloopers. Millions access their computers to see the mistakes made by the news anchors that keep us informed, yet often stumbles on words and phrases that end up being funny.
By accessing you-tube on computers and typing in funny bloopers, those that love this genre can be entertained for hours with the plethora of links that are available. Videos of funny kids, funny animals, funny weather anchors and many more can be viewed on home computers.
With an unlimited supply of fodder available, those that love bloopers have unlimited access to things that are funny.
Sports bloopers are an easy and funny fix that can be viewed by computers. Watching a missed dunk or a player juggling a pass in the NFL has become commonplace with the advancements on the internet. Catching uncensored and oftentimes animated discussions between players and coaches are ready and available to be viewed on computers.
Perhaps children and animals hit our funny bones in a way that more serious topics cannot. Seeing a puppy chase his tail round and round or a kitty leap from an impossibly high height only to land on their feet is always funny. Children in particular, often surprised by fast-moving objects or unfamiliar territory, can be found to be startled or saying things that are extremely funny.
Computers have revolutionized the way blooper enthusiasts access their information. Those that love bloopers now have an unlimited library in which they can explore their favorite pastime.

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