Online computer games revolutionizing the gaming world

You don’t have to own a PlayStation to play high quality video games.
As computers and the internet have advanced, so have the number of games on the internet increased. For parents that can’t afford that expensive gaming unit, this news might come with a heavy sigh of relief.
Although games on computers might not have the same video quality that a Halo III has, the sheer number of games available offers something for everyone. Skateboard enthusiasts would likely be excited to hear that Shawn White Skateboarding can be played online, and Guitar Hero lovers will be thrilled to know that Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock can also be played online.
For many that use their computers for social networking, users don’t even have to exit Facebook to play the games they love. Facebook even offers hundreds of games for the billions of users that use this network. Facebook users can now play Bejeweled on their computers, and even compare their scores to that of the many friends they have. Games like Farkle, Wheel of Fortune, Luxor and Farmville have also taken the Facebooking community by storm.
The number of games accessible on computers is mind blowing. With so many games available, selections are not limited. For the gambling enthusiast, online poker can be played on their computers. For the sports lover, hundreds of football, baseball, basketball and hockey are available.
Even the generation of game players that grew up on Donkey Kong and Mrs. Pac Man will be thrilled to know the games of their youth can easily be played on their home computers.
Computers have always played a large part in the fun-loving gaming world. For years, children have played video games on their gaming systems, and that trend will likely to grow exponentially. Some good news for those that play games on their computers, many of their favorite games can be played online, and free of charge.

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