Meteorologists continue to improve forecasting accuracy

Despite the television weatherman occasionally botching a forecast, for the most part, weather forecasts are accurate and dependable.
Computers have long been used to access weather-related information, but high-level forecasting models are now being used to improve forecasting
When a Meteorologist complies data for the evening’s forecast, they typically access several forecasting models from their computers. As complex weather systems move into the western United States, especially in the winter time, different models typically forecast slightly different movements of the storm. One model might suggest the heart of the storm will hit Salt Lake City, while another predicts the storm to stay north and be more of a factor for Boise.
Choosing the right model from their computers is often a difficult and challenging task. Years of experience lead the weather forecaster to rely more heavily on a computer model they trust.
And you don’t have to be a Meteorologist to be an accurate forecaster. Numerous online weather sites are handy for the everyday weather enthusiast who wishes to follow the weather without the help of the local expert.
A site like brings up a map of the entire United States. With computers, the everyday weather hack can click on their state, then their region, and finally their city to access pertinent information. The information available via home computers usually outlines specific forecasts for the next seven days, breaking the information down into usable 12 hour periods.
Another site that many weather watchers use for their weather information is Information within is similar to that of, and outlines specific forecasts including predicted highs and lows for the next seven days.
By using computers, Meteorologists and even casual weather enthusiasts have access to unlimited weather data. The use of computers has allowed weather forecasters the freedom to study several different models, and get a second opinion on what the week’s weather will hold.

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