Is the Information Technology field a good career choice?

As college students returned to their higher learning institutions this fall, the choice of what to do with the rest of their lives has thrust itself once again front and center.
Some will decide to continue their education in the fields of medicine, some into law, some into journalism and some into the world of Information Technology.
With no end in sight to the explosion of computers and their role in the workplace, Information Technology continues to be a popular choice among college students. Not long ago, many Information Technology departments consisted of perhaps one person. As the world moves past the year 2010, many large and even medium sized companies consist of multiple operators within the Information Technology Department.
As schools continue to move to an online education process, the need for Information Technology professionals continues to grow. High schools with 800 students now have hundreds of computers to further the learning of their students. In rural communities where teaching staffs are smaller, many students take their AP calculus courses online. Without someone from the Information Technology Dept. to set up and maintain those connections, these online learning programs would be hard pressed to succeed.
As more colleges switch to online learning environments, the need for Information Technology specialists is expected to grow. With billions of computers working every day to complete routine job tasks, someone is needed to maintain their working order and facilitate updates and upgrades within specific departments.
With improvements in technology occurring every day, a student studying Information Technology should prepare themselves for a lifetime of continued learning. Changes with the IT department can appear rapidly, and without continued instruction an Information Technology specialist can lose their edge in the workplace.
So college students, if you are unsure as to your next career choice, it appears the growing and ever-changing field of Information Technology might be a wise career choice.

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