Information Technology a sports trivia guru’s best friend

Who won Wimbledon in 1991? How many NBA finals MVP’s did Michael Jordan win? How many games did Roger Clemens win and how many home runs did Barry Bonds accumulate?
These are all questions that Information Technology can answer with a click of a button.
As the fall sports season’s commence, friends from across the globe will be gathering to watch their favorite teams. Sports fans from across the world will be talking smack and reminding their friends of miniscule sports trivia facts as play’s on Sunday remind them of some long ago event.
Information Technology has changed the way these sport’s gurus keep track of and have access to information from the past. By using Information Technology, sports lovers can find that Michael Stich defeated Boris Becker and Steffi Graf defeated Gabriel Sabitini to claim Wimbledon championships in 1991. Using Information Technology, these same sports enthusiasts can easily find Michael Jordan won six NBA final’s MVP’s (1991-93, 1996-98). Using this same Information Technology, baseball fans can easily find that Roger Clemens won 354 games and Barry Bonds hit and Barry Bonds hit 762 homeruns.
For these sports lovers that love to spout statistics and names from the past, having access to this Information Technology can often end disputes on accuracy regarding these discussions. Knowing that Kareem Abdul Jabbar is the leading scorer in NBA history, and Karl Malone is not far behind could be a valuable tool the sports aficionado that is trying to answer a friend’s trivia challenge.
And the scope of this Information Technology is not just limited to the modern era of sports during the days of the internet. Sports statistics from way back are now easily accessible, and even the oldest of trash-talking sports enthusiasts can now go back to their era and find the information that mattered most when they were younger.

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