High speed internet finding its way into rural communities

Remember the days of dial-up internet access? The wait was uncomfortable and the screeching sound was slightly annoying as your home computers struggled to access the internet.
While many who live in cities have enjoyed high-speed internet for years, millions of computer users across rural communities are just now finding access to instant internet.
Things come slowly to the nation’s breadbasket, and high-speed internet is no exception. When cable television first emerged, cities garnered the product well before users in South Dakota ever had options to access cable.
The same can be said with the internet. When internet access first became available, rural communities were the last to learn how to Email and the last to have access to online sports information.
While some continue to use dial-up internet in the country, many have latched onto the idea that using their computers without the aid of high-speed internet is simply unacceptable. Rural users that previously waited 10 minutes for their computers to boot up and access the internet, now have the same advantages their metropolotin counterparts enjoy.
For many in these rural communities, advances in internet connectivity couldn’t have come at a better time. With farmers and ranchers that need instant internet access to monitor the weather, high-speed internet is invaluable. For the Los Angeles Laker fan that lives in Albert Lea Minnesota, staying up late for the big game is not an option, so accessing information from their computers in a timely manner is perfect. For the student in Nebraska taking online courses in California, having access to high-speed internet to send their most current assignment, access is priceless.
As computers and internet speed continue to improve, rural communities will continue to lag behind their city counterparts. The technology is improving worldwide and rural communities are continuing to see improvements in both the service and response times of their internet activity.

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