Computers reshaping the landscape of sports trivia

Anyone have that annoying sports trivia friend that seems to have millions of minuscule trivia facts hidden away in his super-computer-brain?
With improvements in computers, the internet and the collection of sports data from across the globe, the less-than-superhuman sports trivia aficionado can now rival the stastistical brilliance of their superhuman friend.
By accessing computers, a sports fan can learn that Billie Jean King and Rod Laver were Wimbledon champions in 1968. So much for tucking away those gems of sports trivia, as anything and everything can now be found on the internet.
With computers, finding who the annoying wide receiver with number 80 attached to his back that played for the New York Giants in the 1980’s was Phil Mcconkey is relatively easy. With a few additional clicks on your computers, it’s easy to find statistics on Mcconkey’s career yardage and statis. .
Even though Brett Favre sets NFL records every time he throws a pass, scores a touchdown or throws an interception, using computers can tell you statistics as specifics as when Favre threw his first touchdown and to what receiver.
No longer is that annoying friend the only one who has access to sport’s most intimate trivia details. By using computers, a sport’s guru can find that baseball legend Hank Aaron holds major league records for most career runs batted in and most career extra base hits
Okay, so the annoying friend might be able to access all of this information without the use of computers, but a little studying before seeing this friend could stump them completely.
The sports information available via computers is mind numbing. Finding that obscure fact or unknown event is as easy as clicking a few buttons while accessing the internet. Finding specific websites that deal with sports trivia can be key to aiding your search and upgrading your statistical brilliance.

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