Computers reshaping online learning

Learning in high school used to be simple. You showed up on the first day with seven classes on your list, got your books for each class then started the school year.
With improvements in computers and computer technology, the way high school students learn is changing, and changing rapidly.
In rural communities where staff members are limited, it is hard for an elite student to receive a challenging education that will prepare them for a prestigious university. Math teachers that teach several courses of Algebra, a section of Geometry and one course in statistics are hard-pressed to devise a curriculum that included Advanced Math or Calculus.
For many of these rural communities, computers have taken over the way their advanced students are learning comprehensive math. Many students in these smaller communities are now taking AP calculus over the internet via the school’s computers. The improvements in internet capabilities and computers performance has allowed these exceptional students to fully utilize their knowledge, yet remain challenged with a tougher course load.
The Language Arts has also seen a heavy increase in the use of computers. Again, rural communities are hard-pressed to offer foreign languages within their curriculum. Using the school’s computers, students are now able to study Spanish, German or even Latin with the help of an online instructor.
Different students learn in different ways. Some students are able to glean information from a teacher that lectures for 45 minutes while standing in front of the class. Some students are better equipped to receive the same information via the school’s computers, and learn at the same rate but in a different manner.
The number of computers in schools has increased dramatically in the last 15 years. Schools that used to offer a handful of computers for those taking computer classes are now equipped with computers in nearly every classroom, covering every subject.

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