Computers providing instantaneous sports information

When the NFL season kicked off Thursday, computers were providing instantaneous sports information to interested NFL enthusiasts across the world.
Fantasy football owners were checking into their respective leagues to find out how many yards Adrian Peterson had or how many points Drew Brees scored in their fantasy league.
Computers have changed the way sports information is received, and cultivated the way sports fans receive their information. In days gone by, sports lovers picked up a copy of their local newspaper to find information about their favorite teams. In 2010, the newspaper is an afterthought as millions of computers are being used every second of every day to keep track of fast changing information.
So many sports information are easily assessable from computers. All of your major news networks have online sights and the sports leader, ESPN, has one of the most comprehensive and informative sports sights in the world.
And the scope of information being provided to home computers is instantaneous. Sports lovers can follow the Tour De France online in real time. Golfing enthusiasts can pull up a leader-board that follows the progress of Tiger Woods without actually having to watch the event.
Computers have even changed the face of online sports betting. With information so readily available, betting enthusiasts can now place bets before the game, after the first quarter, and well into the second half.
As online sports enthusiasts continue to follow their respective teams, computers continue to lead the online onslaught of information. Fantasy football in particular has been the beneficiary of computers. The fantasy football enthusiast involved in a hotly contested matchup with another league player can see real-time statistical information as it updates, sometimes propelling said player to a tight victory.
As computers continue to infiltrate the world of sports, the improvements in information provided are sure to escalate.

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