Computers no longer for the rich and famous

It seems everyone has a computer these days. Little old ladies in South Dakota are firing E-mails to their relatives in Wisconsin, and eight year old girls in Alabama are Facebooking with their friend in Florida.
As the world shrinks with improvements in technology, the usage of computers continues to grow. Ranchers in Nebraska keep track of their calf-growth-rates via the internet, and 90 year old family members that stopped writing letters years ago, have mastered that E-mail thing.
One of the reasons more people are using computers in their everyday lives is their affordability. For someone that uses their computer to send and receive Emails, a common laptop may cost less than 500 dollars. It wasn’t long ago that laptop computers were a device that only the affluent could afford. As technology moves into the year 2011, more and more people are able to afford these portable computers.
Even your household desktop computer, so bulky and costing several thousand dollars ten years ago, has dropped in price and size. Improvements in computer technology have decreased the size of your desktop computer and dropped the price to something most families can afford.
Even the cell-phone has adapted to computer technology. People can now easily access their bank information or check scores from their favorite sports teams via these incredibly small computer devices.
So what’s next in the world of computer technology? Improvements in size and operating speed are sure to come as we move towards 2020. As the technology improves, the price of a standard laptop or desktop computer might continue to drop to something most people can afford. In addition to affordability, performance of computers continues to improve. A cumbersome desktop computer can now be revved up with the improvements in plug-ins, and the addition of high-speed internet.
All so those little old ladies in South Dakota can keep on firing those E-mails!

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