Computers Enhancing Peak Performances for Athletes

Computers Enhancing Peak Performances for Athletes

With advancements in technology, many athletes are turning to computers to improve their performances on the field.

Golfing is a highly complex sport, one in which the slightest change or adjustment can radically alter one’s performance. So many things can go wrong with a golfer’s swing that dissecting their performance with computers is sometimes the easiest way to fix a radical problem. Analyzing one’s swing in slow motion, easily allows the participant to view back swing, hip movement, leg turn and head movement. The use of computers has become common place, and golfers, even in mid-tournament break down their swing to improve their performance.

Baseball is another sport that has taken advantage of the use of computers. Much like golf, batters and pitchers have a number of mechanical issues related to their performance. The slightest misstep off the pitcher’s mound can drastically affect the velocity and direction of the pitch. Slight adjustments at the plate regarding stance, hip movement and eye contact can alter the performance of the batter. Both pitchers and batters, through use of computers are able to break down the various aspects of their swing or pitching motion, often in slow motion, and use those results to improve their performance.

Track & field is another sport that has taken advantage of computers. Sprinters especially have a number of technical aspects of their events that require computers to analyze. Leg position, head position and hip position are crucial to a sprinters performance. When a sprinter comes out of the blocks, it is imperative that they take several short strides and keep their head and torso low through the first phase of the race.
By analyzing the various athletic performances through computers, athletes in today’s ultra-competitive markets are able to improve performances, garner more attention, and ultimately cash in on their professional endeavors.

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