Computers and sports writers the perfect combination

It’s no secret that newspapers across the country aren’t doing well. Large newspapers that have been in operation for many years have closed the door as competition with the internet continues to keep sports writers scrambling.
With the addition of wireless internet in many stadiums across the world, sports writers are updating their information in a way that was previously not possible. In decades past, sports writers attended events, interviewed coaches and players and then went back to the studio or their office and wrote their stories on computers.
As the NFL football season kicked off Thursday, NBC announced that sports reporter, Andrea Kramer would be updating game information via Twitter. Football followers can now follow the every report and every move of sideline guru, Kramer.
Newspaper reports are now updating information as it happens to their main office. As big plays or scoring drives happen, reporters are texting their editors and the editors are posting information on blogs. Sports lovers who follow high school games religiously can now see how their rivals are doing by logging onto the internet and checking information with their computers.
In years past, sports reporters would write their stories on their computers at the conclusion of the big game. With today’s technology, these same writers are updating information and statistics via their computers after every quarter, after every half and following the completion of the game. The information sports reporters gather is being posted on blogs or internet sites where game lovers can follow the every move of their favorite team, even if they are playing an away game.
Computers will continue to revolutionize the world of sports reporting. The advent of this instantaneous information may continue to drive newspaper reporters to work harder, but instant sports technology is a welcome development for sports lovers across the world.

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