Are computers replacing the family television?

Gone are the days when families sat down together and watched television together until bed time. With so many media now available, computers might be the 21st centuries’ television set.
When your children get home from school what is the first thing they do besides grabbing an after-school snack? Many times instead of turning the television on, kids head for their computers. Getting on Facebook and watching videos on You-Tube has long ago supplanted reruns of the Brady Bunch or catching up on what’s happening on the Oprah show.
Why would anyone watch an hour of Music Television when they can access their favorite videos on computers? Why would someone stay up late to watch a television program, when the same program would likely be available on their computers, shortly thereafter?
Even video games have supplanted the use of the family television. When kids get home from school, they often turn on the Play-Station instead of turning on the television. Many of the most popular games can easily be played on their home computers, and kids have an innate ability to find ways to access their favorite things.
Several decades ago, parents used to warn their children not to sit so close to the television. In today’s Information driven society, mom’s and dad’s now urge their kids not to spends so much time on their computers. Studies show that kids today are spending less time watching television and more time playing games or interacting with their friends on computers.
And the explosion is just beginning. New social media are being created every year, and kids seem like they are always the first to know what’s hot and what’s accessible from their computers. Even homework, long a staple of doing in front of the television, is now being done in front of computers.
While the family television set may always have a place in American folklore, computers are rapidly supplanting television as children’s choice for entertainment.

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